About Us
New Toronto Historical Society
The aim of the New Toronto Historical Society is to preserve and promote the history of the Town of New Toronto

The New Toronto Historical Society is a community organization that is completely operated by volunteers

We are financed solely through memberships and donations
Our website research never ends - we are constantly adding updates to keep you informed
We publish a newsletter semi-annually and the electronic or paper delivery is included in your membership fee
We hold 4 community meetings per year with entertaining and interesting speakers and topics of general historical interest

Meetings are open to both members and non-members
President: Wendy Gamble
Vice-President: Bob Bingham
Treasurer: Carol Wickham
Program Development: Michael Harrison
Executive Member at Large: Sharon Kettlewell
[email protected]
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New Toronto Historical Society is a member of the Ontario Historical Society
Membership #7580

In 2009, our society earned the Award of Excellence from Heritage Toronto in the media category.

In 2011, our society was recognized as a "Gem of the Lakeshore"