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Brown’s Building

May 26, 2020 (0) comment

This building stood at the southwest corner of Lakeshore and Eighth Streets. I am told that it was decorated here for the King’s visit (year unknown).

The companies resident in the building at the time were:

Left side windows:
W.E. (Bill) MacDonald, Lawyer
Robert Simpson Co order office (flags under window)
Bell Telephone Co business offices
Right side: Town of New Toronto offices

2nd floor right side: Council Chambers & court room, under window: E.W. (Sandy) Grant, Lawyer

Basement: Police dept with lockup, caretaker’s apartment

124 Eighth Street: (immediately behind the building) Baxter residence until 1931

When talking about the Brown’s Building, I am often told about the story of Tommy Greer. Tommy was crippled, and ran a newspaper stand just in front of the Brown’s Building. He had a 3-wheeled trike on which he was often seen about town delivering his papers. Unfortunately, the kids often tormented him because of his disability, but Tommy was known to give it right back. When his parents died, he was moved to a home in London so that he could be cared for. Tommy passed away on Sept 9, 2000 in St. Catharine’s. Sharon Kettlewell was one of the few at the funeral home at Hogles, along with a nephew who flew in on the day he was buried. Here is a picture of Tommy on his trike taken in 1971 in front of the Stewart’s house at 82 Eighth Street.

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