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Capitol Theatre

May 26, 2020 (0) comment

The Capitol Theatre opened in 1929 on the southwest corner of Lakeshore and Fourth Streets.  The theatre, owned by Premier Theatre had 1042 seats.  It closed 1975. 

A few of the local residents love to tell me stories of when they were children and how they used to get in for free by climbing through a window from the rooftop.  Or others, who would pay their dime for the first movie, and then hide to get the next feature for free.

I have references for two other theatres in New Toronto, but don’t have detailed information, nor pictures, as of yet.

*  Biltmore New Toronto, opened 1947 and closed 1964. Biltmore theatres owned the Biltmore, which had 676 seats.

*  Palace New Toronto, opened 1954 and closed about 1971. Premier owned the Palace, which had 393 seats – I am told that this theatre was located where Alex Faulkner’s appliance store is currently located on Lakeshore Blvd.

Shown here from 1935 is the southwest corner of Lakeshore and Fourth Street with the Capitol Theatre.  On the right is the same corner today in 2003.  It is now a high-rise apartment building for seniors or assisted living with a variety store on the street level.

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