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Cliff Lumsdon Park

May 26, 2020 (0) comment

At the lakeshore, at the bottom of Fifth and Sixth Streets is Cliff Lumsdon Park. Clifford Lumsdon grew up in New Toronto, on Ninth Street. He was one of the world’s greatest long distance swimmers and was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1976.

Clifford coached his daughter, Kim, for her swim across Lake Ontario in 1976.

Clifford’s gravestone can be found on the Find A Grave website.

Below is a picture of the plaque standing in Clifford Lumsdon Park :

The plaque reads:

Throughout his long career, Lumsdon received most of his swimming instruction from the legendary coach Gus Ryder.  Lumsdon later went on to coach his daughter, Kim Lumsdon, who successfully crossed Lake Ontario on August 27, 1976.
On March 1, 1988, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto dedicated this park in recognition of Cliff Lumsdon’s many outstanding achievements and his lifelong contribution to the community. He passed away August 31, 1991.
The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto –

The park itself, has an absolutely fantastic view of the City of Toronto skyline by the lakeshore:

Photo edited to remove speed limit sign
Editor: Jaime Goyer 2003-10-04

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