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Miscellaneous Stories & Pictures

Donnell & Mudge Tannery

From John De Anglis:

My Dad used to work at D& M. There was dialog and trading with the POW’s.

New Toronto – September 22 (Staff Special) — About a score of German war prisoners are now employed in the Donnell and Mudge tannery here. Authorization for this employment was received from Hon. Humphrey Mitchell, Minister of Labor, over the protests of town council. The prisoners are housed in internment camp “M” in Etobicoke Township and are brought to the plant in company trucks. They are dressed in blue uniforms much like those of invalided soldiers with a large red patch on the back of their coat.

Can you help us with this one? It looks like it was taken at the New Toronto Public Library. We have two dates on the back of the picture – June 12, 1946 and August 21, 1946. If you know what this meeting was for or know any of the people in the picture, we’d be very interested in hearing from you. Please e-mail our secretary at

One member believes that the tall gentleman in the 1st seat of the 2nd row of the 1946 picture in the library was William Terry, vocalist, and the part-time music teacher at 7th Street School.

January 26, 1953

14th Annual Public meeting

Honorary President, Mrs. F.P. Keesee with new Preseident, A.G. Bennett

March 30, 1955

Lakeshore Red Cross Voluntary Corps

Left to right: Mrs. J.A. Ackerman; Mary Jane Korpan; Mrs. D. Sumner, Chairman; Mrs. Jeanne Bezley; Doris Huggett; Carole Richmond; Mrs. Marie Lilley; Mrs. M. Mitchell

September 24, 1952

Anaconda Clinic – 115 donors

Harold Savidge, Cysberti Breekveldt, George Kartman, Wallie Brisbois, Frank Smith, Stan Locowhich, Ted Landry enjoy a drink of fruit juice before donating their pint of blood. Volunteer helpers are Mrs. G. Owen and Mrs. G.R. Harvey.

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