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New Toronto Fish & Chips

May 23, 2020 (0) comment

I don’t have a “then” picture of this building, but it was originally a double home, where resided the Griffin’s (and later the Jarvis’s) at 144 and the Boyle’s at 146.

Jean Stewart, daughter of the Boyle’s, started the Stewart’s Fish & Chip shop. Later on, Jean’s son, George took it over.

In 1973, George Young bought the building and the business for $73,000, as reported in The Toronto Star, March 21, 2004. George, and his wife, Helen still run the restaurant along with several family members. George was born in Hong Kong, and lived many years in Trinidad before coming to Canada, where he originally managed a Burger King for a couple of years before buying New Toronto. George tells The Star that business has changed over the years. Goodyear workers used to stream in for fish and chips. Gone are those days. Also, fried foods are a tough sell in today’s health conscious society. But, Friday’s are fish days; an age old tradition and line ups are still common on Friday’s at New Toronto Fish & Chips.

New Toronto Fish & Chips is notably one of the best fish & chips in Toronto, and they serve for take-out in the traditional British tradition: wrapped in paper.

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