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New Toronto Hotel

May 25, 2020 (0) comment

Several years after the original New Toronto Hotel closed down (see the section on the Almont Hotel), the name was resurrected for use on this building constructed on the southeast corner of Lakeshore and Fourth Street.

Below is a picture from the 1930’s. The hotel eventually became the Boulevard Inn, and is now Jay-Jay’s as you see in the picture on the right from November 2003.

Unlike the Capitol Theatre on the opposite corner, this building has not undergone any major architectural reconstruction. Note the shape of the building and the fact that all the doors and windows are still in the same positions.

Like it’s predecessor, this New Toronto Hotel has had its share of suspicious activity. In July 1980, the manager of the hotel, then the Boulevard Inn, was murdered along with his common-law wife and two tenants in his Islington Avenue home. The murders occurred after Lenny Martindale (the manager) was forced to empty the hotel safe of approximately $2000.00. Below are links to The Globe newspaper editions that follow the story:

The Globe 19800728.pdf

The Globe 19800728_1.pdf

The Globe 19800729.pdf

The Globe 19800812.pdf

The Globe 19801119.pdf

The Globe 19810227.pdf

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